Tallahassee Criminal Appellate Attorney

Florida Bar Certified Criminal Appellate Lawyer

Michael Ufferman is board certified in criminal appellate law and considered an expert in criminal appeals.

Postconviction Relief Attorney

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, there are numerous postconviction options that are available to challenge the conviction – both in state and federal court. Mr. Ufferman’s practice focuses exclusively on Florida criminal appeals and postconviction motions, and Mr. Ufferman has handled hundreds of Florida criminal postconviction motions in his career.

Mr. Ufferman’s postconviction practice includes both state and federal postconviction motions, and he has pursued postconviction relief throughout Florida and in all three Florida federal district courts (i.e. the Northern District of Florida, the Middle District of Florida, and the Southern District of Florida). Mr. Ufferman has also handled numerous types of postconviction proceedings, including cases involving charges of murder, robbery, sexual battery (and other sex offenses), DUI manslaughter, and several other types of crimes.

If you have a question about a postconviction motion, please call the Ufferman Law Firm for a free consultation.

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