Tallahassee Criminal Appellate Attorney

Florida Bar Certified Criminal Appellate Lawyer

Michael Ufferman is board certified in criminal appellate law and considered an expert in criminal appeals.

Oral Arguments

Udreka Andrews, Case no. SC17-1034

View video of Andrews Oral Argument

Ralph Monroe, Case no. SC14-2296

View video of Monroe Oral Argument

Robert Freels, et al., case number 4D19-1655 (oral argument consolidated with Kraft and Zhang)

View video of Freels Oral Argument

Anita Smithey, case number 5D19-880

View video of Smithey Oral Argument

Paul Elias, case number 5D19-2370, case number 1D18-874

View video of Elias Oral Argument

Christopher Jason Traffanstead, case number 1D18-874

View video of Traffanstead Oral Argument

Wilson v. State, case number 1D17-809

View video of Wilson Oral Argument




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